To Wave or not to Wave

Google-WaveAfter days of anticipation and checking my e-mail, the Google Wave invite finally arrived. Hurray! Of course I watched the video’s before and read Robert Scoble’s comment that Wave is overhyped, but I wanted to testdrive it myself… My first impression is actually not that good: I have recently compared a series of tools for online collaboration, and Google Wave does not seem to be best-of-class.

A few remarks:

  • Sure, I used a tool of the devil, but Wave seems to have a problem with .docx files.
  • Can I define groups of contacts? It would be nice to be able to start a Wave with my team, without having to select all individual members.
  • No standard support for action points: this is something I use a lot in online collaboration.
  • Wave has folders again… You can actually assign tags to waves (check the tiny button on the bottom), but these tags are not shown in the navigation pane.
  • Sure, the auto translation is cool! Goodbye babelfish…

I have to give it to Google that the way they organized the Wave invites helps to build a hype: are you one of the lucky few? Did you get no invite yet? Could you please invite me too? And then after you activated Google Wave, you notice that your Google profile is outdated, so you also visit your profile page to update your picture and personal information.

What are your first impressions of Wave?

I gave a presentation at work on my first experiences with Wave:

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