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Social media products

Based on our experiences with doing workshops to discuss the social media landscape and facilitating experiments to gain hands-on experience with these tools inside organizations, we are now developing three concrete FWS products around social media:

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Business Twitter 101

In her blogpost Twitter for Business FAQ, Meryl Evans discusses a range of questions people might have when starting with Twitter for business purposes. Unlike our focus on Twitter inside organizations, she focusses on using microblogging for communication with customers. Nevertheless, we see some similar questions pop up. For instance the question “Do you recommend […]

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Challenges for the nomadic worker: In Sync, In Touch, In Flow

Last Friday on Elmine’s unconference we had some inspiring discussions on how our way of working and the tools we apply has affected our lives. This triggered me to finally start writing a series of blog posts on what we in Future Workspaces consider to be the main challenges for nomadic workers: being in sync, in […]

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