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Do you need a webcare team?

At the Dutch National Architecture congress (LAC2009) we have given a talk on the organizational and architectural aspects of introducing Web2.0 tools. One of the main issues we discussed was how to support your employees to make responsible use of social media and how to deal with negative responses, complaints or online discussions about your […]

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To Wave or not to Wave

After days of anticipation and checking my e-mail, the Google Wave invite finally arrived. Hurray! Of course I watched the video’s before and read Robert Scoble’s comment that Wave is overhyped, but I wanted to testdrive it myself… My first impression is actually not that good: I have recently compared a series of tools for […]

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Is e-mail and document sharing not good enough?

In the current economic state of the world it is not easy to get organizations to experiment with innovative tools to support knowledge work. Very rightfully, they may ask: “So, why are our current tools – e-mail and file sharing on a network drive – not good enough?”. The challenge lies in explaining how innovative […]

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