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Improving Team Effectiveness

For teams to work together effectively, a series of boundary conditions have to be met. Based on our own experience and combining a few existing models, we have in Future Workspaces come up with a model for team effectiveness. We use this model to analyze how well a team works together and to advize where […]

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Method: bias storm

The bias storm is a method we apply at the start of collaboration, when the people who have to collaborate come from different backgrounds, cultures or organizations. The method aims to get prejudices they might have about the other in the open. Talking about these prejudices helps to understand the other and clears the road […]

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Alea iacta est!

Today I have handed in my resignation! After 11 interesting and stimulating years at the Telematica Instituut (now also known as Novay) I have decided to move to GriDD Consultancy. And not only because it reduces my travel time with about 20 seconds. More importantly, this move allows me to grow professionally in new directions, […]

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