Is all okay? Changing to a new hosting provider

healthLast night, my domain was transferred to my new local hosting provider. And even though the “install WordPress with one click” CGI script of the new provider did not work properly (I sure hope this is not a sign of things to come…), I managed to have my WordPress up-and-running pretty fast. The import of my old posts went smooth. And after I remembered I backup up my uploads direcory, the images in posts were also showing. Still, I am checking all kinds of settings, fixing the widgets and all kind of small things, but all in all I’m not unhappy.

Since Wordpess is not very cooperative on a temporary hosting account, it is pretty difficult to run the old version and the new version in parallel. So, the new version needs to be set up while the old version is no longer reachable. That does not leave much space for error…

My lessons learned:
Before the transfer of the domain to the new provider takes place:

  • Export your wordpress MySQL databases to your local machine (just in case). Tricky process.
  • Use the “Tools -> Export” function in WordPress to get an XML file with all your posts and sore this file locally.
  • FTP your website and copy your theme, plugins and uploads directory to your local machine

After the transfer:

  • Set up a clean version of WordPress
  • Create the appropriate user accounts
  • FTP your theme, plug-ins and uploads back to the new WordPress install
  • Activate your plug-ins
  • Import your posts from the local export file
  • Check and double-check everything

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