Improving Team Effectiveness

For teams to work together effectively, a series of boundary conditions have to be met. Based on our own experience and combining a few existing models, we have in Future Workspaces come up with a model for team effectiveness. We use this model to analyze how well a team works together and to advize where process improvements or innovative technologies can help a team to be more effective.

Central in the model is individual readiness: the individuals in the team have to be willing and able to work together. Between the different individuals there have to be positive relationships. Other key aspects are having clear goals, clear roles & responsibilities, a common way of working, organisational embedding and strong leadership. Click on the image above to see a more detailed description of these aspects.

We are currently validating checklists for each of these individual aspects – such checklists can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the situation or to compare the situation before and after an intervention.

I am curious to hear which models you use around team effectiveness!

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  • I really like this model. It addresses all of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards for Work Related Stress and could be used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the risks to team effectiveness as well as identifying possible damaging work pressures.

  • slagter says:

    Thanks Gill! I’m happy to hear the model suits your needs. The categories can indeed be used to design a diagnostic tool to identify factors leading to teamwork related stress. For instance, not having clear goals, lacking positive relationships with team members and having the feeling that you are not receiving proper support from the rest of the organisation are serious factors towards stress.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on such a diagnostic tool and if I can be of any help, please let me know.

  • Hi Robert,
    I like your model. Looking at you dimensions, made me think about this – do you know it?

    Collaboration: What Makes It Work, 2nd Ed.

    There is an online inventory available as well.

    Although large industrial corporations is not the main theme in the book, I still think it is relevant, as it covers success factors from a large number of surveys and investigations related to collaboration in teams.


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