Evaluating the touch screen applications

IMG_7044Today was a day of evaluating the use of some of the applications we created: Buzzcuit and the two applications for the MS Surface table: the concept game and create & combine. These applications are currently all being tested at the Rabobank Utrecht. I sat down with my laptop a bit away from the gadgets, but made sure I could still see what people were doing – especially if they touched the screens.

From there, I recorded how many people approached the touch screens and how many people actually touched them. When I noticed that they were about to leave again, I approached the people and did a brief interview to find out how they used the application and how they felt about it. I also interviewed a few people who entered the room, looked at the touch screens, but did not touch them.

Some of the initial findings:

  • About 40% of the passers-by actually touched the screen of Buzzcuit.
    Many of the people who did not touch the Buzzcuit screen were not aware this was a touch screen.
  • The fact that Buzzcuit is visible from the hallway resulted in extra “traffic” to the room.
  • The option to send yourself mail from Buzzcuit needs some rework – people did not understand how the mail interface worked or expected to be able to send a personalized message.
  • The pawns we used as part of the interaction with the MS Surface table attract attention of passers-by.
  • The MS Surface applications “compete” with a series of non-functioning applications that some of the visitors already know. The fact that new applications are available needs to be advertised.
  • People are inspired by the Combine & Create application as it is one of the first examples of applications that target knowledge workers.

More to come in a few weeks – after a bit more evaluating.

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