Enterprise 2.0 Summit – Key messages from day 1

This first day of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 in Frankfurt was packed with interesting talks. Much discussion went on about smart introduction strategies, common pitfalls and assessing the maturity of an initiative.

In an effort to compress all that information, I would like to share the key messages that stood out for me:

  • Output requested by customers is changing, more focus on creativity and personal production. This requires
    1. small, decentralized units with decision-making power,
    2. leaders that have open, constant, dynamic, honest communication,
    3. Listen to your customers and employees, don’t just broadcast (Richard Collin and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz)

  • in a business context, do not use the ‘s-word’ (social)
  • look for existing (formal or informal) communities to launch enterprise 2.0 initiatives. They actually need it the most (Luis Suarez, IBM)
  • now we need to create conditions for evolutionary improvements. Design for changes by the users themselves (Lee Bryant)
  • empower people to share and they will, because people like to help others (Luis Suarez, IBM)
  • make sure Enterprise2.0 does not make the same mistakes as Knowledge Management: domination by tool vendors and consultants focussing on storing information, loosing the human aspect

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