Connecting Professionals with Social Media – Presentation

connecting-professionalsThe Dutch architecture forum held a symposium on Web2.0 in the Enterprise. As part of the programme, I talked about our experiments with using Twitter to increase cohesion in business teams. Although we performed only two proper experiments, the evaluation questionaire and workshop yielded some interesting outcomes:

  1. Microblogging is not for everybody: Sharing small updates of what you are doing has to match your personality: about 50% of the participants in our experiments regularly used the tool.
  2. Microblogging helps to get to know your colleagues: What are their passions, what are they up to? This supports our hypothesis that tools such as Twitter can enhance team cohesion.
  3. For finding information on a specific topic or to discover an expert in a given area, the perceived usefulness was very low. Gradually building up an image of your colleagues is different from an explicit search “who knows something about… ?”
  4. Employees find it hard to make microblogging a part of their normal routines. Helping them to find short term added value and sharing success stories is important here.

More detail can be found in the slides I used (in Dutch), or just leave your question in the comments:

What are your experiences with social media with respect to team cohesion?

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